Welcome to the website of the joint-stock company KAVALIERGLASS, a.s.
  •  What you will find here 
    You can learn about our history, who we are and where we are going. In the product section, you can choose from the wide range of our manufacturing programme and to learn about, for example, our modern machines Heidelberg Speedmaster. In the sales section, you can meet our sales persons, who look forward to cooperation with you, because satisfied customers come first in our business strategy. This requires a high quality standard, reliability of deliveries by the required deadline, and reasonable prices of packages.

  •  Manufacturing Programme 
    Our manufacturing programme can be divided to paper and cardboard productions. An important subject of our business activities is the manufacturing and sale of folding coated and plain board products. The wide range of cardboard products made of plain folding board, with almost fifty year's tradition, includes folding board products with or without prints, cut-outs and interlays. Printing is made on state-of-the-art offset format machines. Look at the Products section.

  •  Where to find us? 
    Our company is based in the northern part of the Czech Republic, not far from the town of Mladá Boleslav. As regards traffic network, it has a suitable position towards Prague, Germany, and Poland. The distances range between 50 and 80 km. There is a railway track past the premises (the company owns a railway siding) and the distance from the R10 motorway to Prague and Liberec is approximately 10 km. You can find more in the Contacts section.

  •  Ecology 
    To keep the unique natural features in the nearby surroundings of the plant for future generations in Podbezdězí, great attention is paid to ecology. In the "Waste Water" programme, the current state of the waste-water treatment plant enables to keep the limits of contamination by insoluble substances and to precisely measure the discharged amount of waste water. Air conservation has been resolved in compliance with a law by changeover to low-sulphur coal with a subsequent investment in a de-ashing system.